Rapid Progression: Speeding Up Time to Market.
Prolonged time-to-market can directly impact business outcomes. It results in missed opportunities, lost competitiveness, and declining customer loyalty. Prioritizing reduced time-to-market without compromising quality provides a significant business edge.

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Did you know that?

75% of businesses believe the speed of software delivery is vital for their success (Forrester, 2023).
Organisations that are successful in reducing time-to-market by 20% experience a 15% increase in profitability (Accenture, 2022)
Businesses that release updates faster are 2.5 times more likely to experience high customer satisfaction rates (DevOps Research and Assessment, 2023).
Puppet states that organizations practicing DevOps are able to achieve 208 times faster time to market compared to those who do not (State of DevOps Report, 2023)

Here’s how we solve this problem

Netflix-like DevOps practices
Multiple research show clear correlation between efficient DevOps practices and the speedy delivery of software solutions to market. Drawing inspiration from industry leaders like Netflix, we’ve tailored our methods to ensure this efficiency isn’t just promised, but delivered. The regular practices that we’ve adopted from the best include:
Immutable Infrastructure in VCS
In our commitment to consistency and security, we’ve embraced the immutable infrastructure approach. All our infrastructure information is stored within a Version Control System (VCS), allowing us to set up fresh, fully-equipped environments within minutes. Unlike the mutable model, where changes are made directly to the live servers leading to potential inconsistencies, our approach ensures each change triggers a new deployment. This practice results in a reliable, predictable environment, simplifying troubleshooting processes and reinforcing security measures.
Chaos Engineering
Disruptions and failures is a regular part of operating a system, especially in distributed and complex systems. We embrace chaos engineering - a practice that injects failures into systems to ensure they can withstand unexpected disruptions. It helps us to identify weak points and build resilience into a system.
Automated Testing
Disruptions and failures is a regular part of operating a system, especially in distributed and complex systems. We embrace chaos engineering - a practice that injects failures into systems to ensure they can withstand unexpected disruptions. It helps us to identify weak points and build resilience into a system.
Automated Canary Testing
This technique involves rolling out the changes to a small subset of users before making the changes to everyone. This subset, or "canary," experiences the new software version first. Automated tests are then run to check the system's behavior and performance. If there's a problem, the system automatically rolls back to the previous version.
Automated CICD pipeline
Through Continuous Delivery, we maintain a deployable state for our software at all times. This lets us release changes to production automatically as soon as they're made. Our stringent automated testing ensures software quality, while our robust deployment pipeline enables swift, safe releases. This way, we quickly respond to feedback, continuously improve, and ensure a stable, secure production environment.

AI helps us build software

Artificial Intelligence is far more than a buzzword - it’s an integral part of our development process. We think of AI as our tireless virtual team member, continually enhancing productivity, improving product quality, and accelerating delivery times, proving itself a true game-changer in software development. Here are some of the AI tools we adopted:
AI pair programmer Leveraging
GitHub Co-pilot, our company has turned AI into a coding partner. Co-pilot works alongside our developers, offering efficient code suggestions drawn from billions of lines of publicly available code. This enhances our coding speed and precision while letting developers focus on problem-solving and innovation.
AI-powered testing
AI-powered testing has transformed UI testing by improving efficiency, coverage, and accuracy. With tools like Functionize we can automates test case generation, detects UI changes, and enhances test maintenance. With image recognition and machine learning, AI identifies and interacts with UI elements, ensuring reliable testing. By analysing test results, AI detects anomalies and aids in troubleshooting. This enables faster testing, broader coverage, and higher-quality software.
AI-powered monitoring
AI-powered log analysis like Dynatrace revolutionizes system monitoring by automating anomaly detection and enhancing insights. AI algorithms quickly identify deviations and irregularities, proactively addressing issues. Intelligent log analysis categorizes and correlates logs, pinpointing root causes and reducing manual effort. AI detects anomalies, flags suspicious activities, and learns from historical data for improved accuracy. With AI-driven log analysis, we achieve faster incident response, enhanced system reliability, and optimized resource utilization for a seamless user experience.
SIADT in-house system
SIADT is Software Integrated Acceleration
Development Toolkit
SIADT is a pre-built modules and components designed to power up your software development process with a spectrum of ready-to-use, customizable components. It equips you with all the necessary building blocks to accelerate your project. Our toolkit’s components can be integrated into your environment, drastically reducing development time. SIDAT’s modules inclued:
Pre-built Authentication Modules: SIADT provides ready-to-use authentication modules that support various authentication methods, like OAuth, SSO, and biometrics, which can be integrated and customized as per the client’s needs.
Ready-to-use UI Components: The toolkit offers a comprehensive library of ready-to-use UI components that can be quickly integrated into any software project, saving design and development time.
Out-of-the-box API Integration Solutions: The toolkit contains pre-built modules for integrating with popular third-party APIs, significantly reducing the time required for these integrations.
Customizable Reporting Tools: SIADT offers robust, customizable reporting tools that can be quickly integrated to enable real-time tracking and analytics within the software.
Plug-and-play Data Visualization: Tools SIADT includes an array of ready-to-use data visualization tools that can be integrated to present complex data in a user-friendly, visual format.
Operate what you build culture
We are deeply committed to an “Operate what you build” culture, believing it is pivotal to our success and the success of our clients. Our team of dedicated developers doesn’t simply write code; they manage and operate the software they’ve crafted. This direct involvement ensures an unrivalled understanding of the system - after all, who knows the intricacies of a system better than those who have constructed it? Such a culture instils a profound sense of ownership and responsibility. Our engineers actively engage in every stage of the software lifecycle, from creation to operation, to deliver the most efficient, highest-quality software solutions.

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