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In fintech, fast-paced innovation is a crucial competitive advantage.
The fintech domain is highly demanding, characterized by constant evolution from both technical and business perspectives. Staying at the forefront is crucial; otherwise, there’s a risk of falling behind.
At INK, we understand the dynamic nature of the fintech industry and the need to continuously innovate, adapt and do it faster than your competitors!
With our dedication and 8+ years expertise in FinTech, we strive to help our clients maintain a competitive edge and navigate the ever-changing fintech landscape successfully.
Industry Success Factor:
Time to Market
In the fast-paced world of fintech, staying ahead of the competition is crucial for success. According to Deloitte’s research on the industry, #1 factor that differentiate leaders from laggards is time to market.
How fast does your organization release updates?chartResearch by Deloitte
Accelerating Time to Market,
Elevating Quality Standards
In the world of fintech, people often talk about finding a balance between getting things done quickly and making sure they’re done well. Some companies believe that if they work faster, they might not have enough time to make sure their work is of good quality. Sadly, this can sometimes lead to unhappy customers.
But at INK, we have a different approach. We believe that quality should never be sacrificed.In fact, we’ve learned that by focusing on quality, we can actually get things done faster. It’s like being able to do a great job in less time! It took us many years of experience to figure out how to do this.
Our team has become experts at what they do and figured out smart and repeatable ways to work. This means we can deliver awesome results fast, impressing our clients with both speed and top-notch quality. Curious to peek behind the scenes? Learn some of our secrets here.

Summary of Services

In the fast-paced fintech world, success doesn’t happen by chance. It requires a deep understanding of the industry and technology, and that’s where we shine.
Build Scalable
Building a scalable architecture is like laying a strong foundation that allows you to provide valuable services to your clients. It ensures your business can grow and adapt to their changing needs, leading to satisfied customers and continued success.
Improve your
development processes
If your software development process is not meeting your desired speed or lacks the quality you expect, we are here to help. With our truly unique expertise, we offer a comprehensive audit of your process and apply industry best practices that set the standard in the field.
Integrate with
Multiple Services
In the dynamic fintech landscape, providing an outstanding user experience is vital. Seamless integration play a pivotal role in achieving this goal. We make sure everything works together smoothly, so users have an exceptional journey.
Launch your
Got a business idea? We’ll guide you through the entire software development process, from concept to building a MVP, that would serve you as a foundation for your business success.
Migrating your
infrastructure into cloud
Migrating your infrastructure to the cloud offers significant benefits, including enhanced scalability and potential cost reductions. It’s no surprise that 83% of fintech leaders have embraced the cloud for most of their applications.
Team augmentation
Don’t let the technical challenges of fintech product development hold you back. Instead, place your trust in an experienced partner who offers consulting and software development services.
What’s your primary technology?
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Accelerating your time to market while improving the quality of your product
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Rohid Funde
Rohid Funde
CTO Quickget
They are very attentive and focused on grasping the fine details of our requirements.
Uma Vijayakanthan
Uma Vijayakanthan
CTO Sharp Consulting
We were in very tough spot and INK expertise helped us to pivot.
Philipp A. Pohlmann
Philipp A. Pohlmann
CEO Denario
Job was completed, within our expected time, budget and with good quality.
Mohamad Ajjour
Mohamad Ajjour
CEO Seedz
Great communication and knowledge. They were easy to adapt to our requirements and delivered on time.
George Iakovou
George Iakovou
CEO Map Financial Technologies

I have an idea for a fintech app. What should I start with?

How much does it cost to build a fintech app?

How soon can fintech software be developed?

Can you integrate our existing systems with the new fintech software?

How do you ensure the security of our fintech software?

What technologies do you use for fintech software development?

Can you help us with regulatory compliance for our fintech software?

Is outsourcing a good idea for fintech software development?

Do you sign NDA agreements?